Paradise lost? Quite the opposite.

Paradise lost? Fear not, this place is what your inner visions are made of. Close your eyes and dream. This is what will appear. If you are familiar with Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken” you will instantly and emotionally connect with Manta Resort and Pemba Island. If not – make sure you read and digest it. You long to take the road less travelled, you (like most people) often think about it. But rarely do. Pemba is a rare gem. A remote tropical and pristine island off the east coast of Africa, untouched by mass tourism. Home to compassion, simplicity and time. But simplicity does not necessarily exclude luxury. Or as we call it – “real luxury”. The Manta Resort is situated at the northern tip of the island. It is for the dedicated, the true explorers with an urge to find a home where there is heart and purpose. It is for those who will endure the extra bumpy mile to discover a haven of non-polluted serenity, of silence, solitude and inclusion. Where you are greeted as family, not as a stranger or a tourist. A different reality, closer to nature, closer to the true you. A home of friendliness, sunshine, natural food, superior service, fresh air, diving in crystal clear waters and timeless existence. A five-star retreat at the end of the road you are about to take.




Zanzibar Tourism Award

Underwater Room

Trading places in an aquatic world. For fish to be beholders of man.

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Set sail, bait the hook, go snorkeling, grab a paddle. Or read a book.

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Life is for living. And living here is what life is about.

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Perfect Honeymoon

There is no better place to embark on a lifelong journey.

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The Manta Family

Strangers are merely friends you don’t yet know. This is your second family.

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Breathtaking diving

One of the foremost diving spots on the planet.

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Submerge Yourself.

There are humans and there are animals. We are all results of evolution and the origin of species. When you stay in the underwater room you will become one with the surrounding ocean. You will experience the fascinating shifting lights of the water and subject to the curiosity of the fishy inhabitants of another dimension. More!


Divers of the world, listen up. All non-divers of the world, this is where you become one. The diving around Pemba Island, Zanzibar is nothing else but breathtaking. The setting, the diversity of species, the personal instructors/guides and the untouched coral reefs surrounding the entire island make Pemba one of the top dive sites in the world. More indepth about our diving.


The Garden of Eden is where you would ideally kick-off your marriage. Look no further, you’ve found it. In this tranquil and beautiful corner of the world you’ll be able to fully enjoy the company of each other. Undisturbed by anything but the disconnected joy of the present and the untroubled peaceful atmosphere that dreams are made of. Treat yourself with a night in the underwater room followed by a few more in our seafront villas, waking up to the majestic view of the Indian Ocean’s Pemba Channel. More

Real Luxury

What is the definition of luxury? What lies beyond luxury? Looking for above the crowd lifestyles we typically search for ultimate conveniences and enviable experiences. People often favor opulent things as gold plated taps, marbled floors, stand-alone bathtub or nine course dinners. To a certain degree, luxury can be bought, but once you reach a certain level of material wellbeing, other values arise on your request list. Values that money can’t buy, such as the possibility to disconnect from a stressful world. To truly engage in a context where human interaction is no longer about money, but rather about caring and sustainable coexistence. Where there’s space for your own thoughts and desires, where a smile is a smile – not a polite masquerade. Where you can tune in on the same frequency that evolution meant us to. At the Manta Resort you will find a luxury that resonates with nature, yourself and those you care for. A simpler sometimes unreachable way of life. For us, that defines real luxury.


In objective terms you are a visitor. But from the moment you arrive you become a part of our friendly family. With respect, humility and shoulder rubbing good spirit you are guaranteed to enjoy a natural kinship with the people that work here. An unforced feeling of openness and hospitality that is part of Manta and the local culture. A true face of the human family of which we all are a part of. Meet your Service Fundi when you arrive, a member of the close knit that makes up the Manta Family. He will be the one taking care of you while you are with us. He is Pemba. Get to know him and he'll share everything about Pemba, his village, his family and life on the island. And he'll do anything in his power to make your stay a memorable one. Meet Iddi, one of our service fundis in this documentary.
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