Pemba is the perfect place for start your diving adventure. With one of the most healthy coral reef in the Indian Ocean, a water temperature averaging at 26ºC, and the best visibility of East Africa of 30-40 meters almost every day! In combination with these great water conditions Dive 360 Pemba Dive Center has everything you need, including a great training pool in two levels, professional dive instructors, and multilingual staff to help you feel free like a fish!

Read through the Diving pricelist for more details.

PADI Referral Program
Start any course in your home city making the theory and confined water lessons, and make the 4 final open water dives here at Pemba. So contact the nearest dive shop in your town and tell them that you want dive in Pemba!

Open Water Diver course – OWD (4-6 days. Faster if your theory is finished – see eLearning)
The OWD is the first step in becoming a recreational diver. Includes 5 theory sessions, 5 confined waters sessions and 4 open water dive in the sea. You can book direct at the dive shop when you have arrived at the resort, or make your reservation when you book your room at the resort. After this course you will receive your Open Water Certificate, which will allow you to dive down to 18 meters, anywhere in the world.

Scuba diver (2-3 days)
If you feel you can’t afford to spend 6 days in “class” to finish the OWD course, then this course is the perfect solution. It’s only half part of the open water course, including 3 theory lessons, 3 confined water s and 2 open water dives. You will be given the opportunity to dive to 12 meters depth, with the company of a professional diver. You can continue and finish your Open Water course anywhere in the world to get your OWD certificate! An excellent chance to experience diving!

Discover scuba diving (1/2 day)
This is not a course – it is an experience of a lifetime! For the ones that doubt diving really is as good as everyone says, this program gives you the opportunity to take a look down under. We will give you 1 theory lesson, 1 pool session and then a fantastic dive on the sea at a maximum of 10 meters, with a professional diver close by your side at all time.