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Brand story


This property is managed by the Swedish company Kwanini and owned by Resort Investor AB, a specialist resort management company acquiring a carefully assembled collection of properties in and around the Indian Ocean.

Why we are here

We found this beautiful island 2007 when looking for the perfect place to launch our Underwater Room concept. Since then we have been building up a very close relationship with the people of Pemba, and at the same time building a sustainable resort and employer. So far we have achieved a lot. Our Kwanini Pemba concept is supported by the Zanzibar government, we have managed to turn a 1 km coast line in front of the http://successessay.co.uk/ resort into a nature reserve. We work closely with Pecca to help conserve the Pemba channel conservation area, and our CSR initiative Pemba Alive has shipped containers of material from Sweden to make life easier for the villages closest to us. But we have much bigger plans for Pemba. It’s a unique island and we tend to keep it that way, yet show off her beauty to the lucky few that find her.