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Two Humpback Whales were spotted from our deck two days ago, a mother and her calf, swimming along the edge of the reef in front of The Manta Resort. The migration from the North has begun and we are hoping to see more of these friendly giants in days to come.


What a great Sunday we all had at Manta yesterday! Delicious breakfast, coffee on the deck looking for dolphins, reading on the day bed, swimming in the pool, kayaking on the sea, dinner and bonfire on the beach… The perfect day to end off a perfect week!

NGEZI FOREST 2012-08-04

The Ngezi Forest Reserve is a stunning place to visit, which, if you are staying at The Manta Resort, you will pass through when travelling to and from the resort.

STILL SEAS 2012-08-03

The ocean seems very still today and guests’ snorkeling can be seen in the shallows, following small schools of fish and attractive coral trails along the ocean bed. Today is the sort of day that you would want to spend outdoors with someone close to you on an Island such as this one.


A White Tipped Shark and a Green Turtle were two of the highlights of yesterdays dive at Swiss Reef, only ten minutes away from the resort. Very happy guests returned to the resort after this dive and were enthusiastic to share their sightings with us.


Our Superior Garden Rooms are now ready for this new season and they are looking beautiful. The new tiled floors, the new wooden window frames, the revamped patio, and the surrounding gardens have made the world of difference. We feel confident that our guests will be happy in such spacious and comfortable accommodation.

SUNDOWNERS 2012-07-28

Sun downers on the Manta deck last night brought with it the terrific sighting of dolphins leaping out of the water. We have never seen them jump so high before. It was the perfect way to end a perfect Friday.

Twitter Account 2012-07-25

The Manta Resort now has a presence on Twitter! #TheMantaResort and you will find us. Follow the Manta family as we frequently provide updates as to what is happening on Pemba Island and the exciting adventures to be had at The Manta Resort.

WELCOME! 2012-05-25

On the 15th of June 2012 The Manta Resort will be opening its doors to the start of the new season. As we put the finishing touches to our annual upgrades, we can feel the sun on our skin and the sand under our feet. If you are reading this post that means you have found our website and will hopefully have noticed all of the new pictures, rates, and information for this new season.  We are all looking forward to seeing you at The Manta Resort. More news to follow soon.

11 MANTAS AT SWISS REEF 2012-03-10

an extremely rare sitting these days but 11 Mantas were spotted at Swiss Reef yesterday. This has been the first mantas spotted the entire season so we are really hoping that they are going to stick around….