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Community Involvement

Seles School

Community involvement is a core value with everyone involved at The Manta Resort. One of our service fundis, Sele, has taken it on himself to set up a school in his house were he teaches English to the village youngsters. A fantastic initiative that we from The Manta Resort fully support and try to help out as much as we can. If you have the opportunity, be sure to pay the school a visit!

Crown of Thorn clean-up

In the sea there is a nasty starfish lurking about that actually preys on coral, leaving it dead behind. This ofcourse disrupts the ecosystem as the fish have nowhere to hide when the coral is gone. We’ve made huge efforts in cleaning the sea from hundreds and hundreds of crown of thorn starfish and have seen a heavy drop in the population. They are big, heavy and venomous, so this is a tough job even for experienced divers.