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Kwanini Conference 2014

Big steps for Pembas’ future were taken during this 3rd Kwanini Conference


30th October 2014  we arranged the 3rd annual Kwanini Conference. The subject for this year was presenting the conclusions from the Carrying Capacity Study carried out by two students from Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (KTH) in Stockholm. Tourism is knocking on Pembas door and it is up to the resorts and investors on the island, the government and the visitors of Pemba to stear tourism in the right direction. Done right Pemba can continue being a unique gem, with sustainable tourism for generations to come.

Whale Watching


The humpback whales have officially arrived to Manta, spotted from the deck over breakfast, mom and calf playing just off the house reef!!! #whalewatchingoverbreakfast #wishibroughtmycamera

Resident sugar thief caught in the act!

Buoys mark of our newly installed conservation area

Our resident little sugar thief seems to be constantly aware of where the coffee table is and ready to scurry down every evening for an after dinner snack. We managed to catch him in the act.

Kwanini Conservation Area in place!

Buoys mark of our newly installed conservation area

After years of working towards this with the local government, fishermen and PECCA, a great step in the right direction for conservation on Pemba Island has been taken! We finally managed to create the first no-catch zone on Pemba named Kwanini Conservation Area. Buoys just off the house reef creates a no take zone. This means that the area will be a protected area where no net fishing will damage the coral reefs. We have already seen big improvements; more and larger fish are spotted when snorkeling and diving the zone, new species are spotted, the large number of fish are driving predators closer to the shore which also allows fishermen to fish for these predators closer to the shore.


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3rd annual Kwanini conference coming up

The third annual Kwanini Conference will be held 13 September 2014

The theme for this years conference is TBD

Spontaneous Whale Safari.

We were able to get to about 30 meters from 3 large humpback whales who stayed with us for a few minutes, decided it was time to dive and then waved goodbye with their flutes. Humbling experience to be so close to these majestic creatures. Smiling faces all around!


Introducing The Underwater Room

Imagine yourself encapsulated within a turquoise blue bubble, watching shoals of reef fish swimming lazily by – sometimes in three or four layers of different species above the reef floor.

This is the heart-stopping experience that awaits you in the underwater room.
The floating structure, Swedish engineered, provides three levels, those above the water clad in local hardwood, and each an experience in itself.

Three levels

The landing deck, at sea level, has a lounge area and bathroom facility. A ladder leads up to the roof which has a lounging area – for sun worshipping by day and by night you can lie back in the starlight and wonder at the extraordinary clarity of the stars, planets and above all, the edge of our own galaxy – the wonderful Milky Way – all seen without any light pollution. Sleep under the stars to the soft murmuring of the sea.

Three hundred sixty degrees

Then downstairs – the magical feeling of lying on a soft double bed surrounded by panes of glass affording almost 360 degrees viewing – watching the shoals of reef fish and exquisite, often rarely seen individuals visiting your windows. Some have taken up residence around the room, which affords them some protection from predation. For instance, three bat fish and a trumpet fish called Nick who is always swimming around and seemingly looking in!

Underwater spotlights

By night, the underwater spotlights beneath each window around the room attract the shyer and more unusual, for instance squid. Coral is already establishing itself on the anchoring lines and around the underwater structure. Octopus and even spanish dancers have been seen attaching themselves to the glass panes. The reef inhabitants can simply not resist attraction, which makes for exciting watching and a truly unique experience!

For high res imagery & video, please e-mail us on marketing@themantaresort.com

Hammerhead Sharks spotted!

Hammerhead sharks

Hammerhead sharks spotted by our divers off Njao Island, one of our favourite diving sites. Good news for all!

Weekend Adventure

Gearing up for a weekend of adventure, in sun and sea!

On the cards we have snorkeling, diving, kayaking, forest exploring, village walking, lighthouse seeking, and good food eating!!! Just a typical Manta weekend!