Pemba Safari

The Pemba Safari is a day trip with several different stops. Pick and choose what you would like to include in your safari, and how much time you would like to spend. If you do it all it will take you a good 8 hours starting at 8.30 in the morning.
$120 single person
$160 two persons
Spice Farm tour
The Zanzibar archipelago Islands are know as the ‘spice islands’ with 70% of the world’s cloves coming from Pemba. A visit to the spice farm will have you experiencing the true tastes and smells of Pemba Island.

The Fish Market
Depending on where on the island you would like to visit, there are a few options for fish markets on Pemba. These are local markets where fishermen come to sell their catches daily, an interesting insight into the Pemba shopping experience.

Mkama ndume
The fortress. This historical site shows insight through the architectural history showing Arab, Swahili and a Portuguese influence (all of that you can see on Google.) Locally, there is a different significance. As local legend has it, the house belonged to a very wealthy man, who kept two wives on either side on a large wall separating the house. The wives lived there without the knowledge that the other existed.
Chake Chake
This bustling arena of people, ox wagons, dhala dhala’s (local taxi) and business men makes Chake the big city of Pemba. As the capital city it is also very central being near to the airport and the ruins.

Flying Foxes
Are the largest species of bat in the world, that can be found in huge groups of up to 850 bats per roost. They have a wingspan of 1.6 meters, with fox like faces and are endemic to Pemba island.

These are the ruins of an 18th century town thought to be the capital at the time. The Mazrui family remains lie in six tombs. The family were overthrown in the 19th century and the town fell into decay. Locally this place is thought to have been a sanctuary to a local man named Sharif who was both loved and hated by the people of Pemba.
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