Many parts of Pemba island are not easily accessed, as there is only one tarred road. The rest are often dead-end dirt roads, but while exploring them on your own you might very well find that hidden-away beach you have always dreamt about. The only sensible way to visit Pemba is with the scheduled charter flights.


Pemba Island is accessed via most airports in East Africa via Zanzibar or Dar es Salaam. Pemba island can also be accessed with direct local flights with several charter airlines that operate smaller aircrafts. The most frequent route is Zanzibar – Pemba, and is serviced by these airlines: Zanair, Coastal Air, Auric Air.

If you wish, we can assist you in booking these flights and simply add in the flight cost to your invoice, or simply do the booking yourself on


Dar es Salaam to Pemba (via ZNZ)

Departure Arrival Duration Airline
07:45 09:05 80 min Auric
09:00 10:15 75 min Zanair
11:00 12:05 65 min Coastal
14:30 16:35 125 min Zanair
14:00 15:05 65 min Coastal
15:30 16:35 65 min Auric

Zanzibar to Pemba

Departure Arrival Duration Airline
08:20 08:50 30 min Auric
09:30 10:05 35 min Zanair
11:35 12:05 30 min Coastal
14:30 15:05 35 min Coastal
16:00 16:30 30 min Zanair
16:05 16:35 30 min Auric

Arusha to Pemba

Departure Arrival Duration Airline Via
12:15 15:05 170 min Coastal Znz
13:15 16:25 190 min Coastal Tanga
14:00 16:30 150 min Zanair Znz


Pemba to Dar es Salaam (via ZNZ)

Departure Arrival Duration Airline
10:30 11:50 80 min Zanair
12:15 13:20 65 min Coastal
16:35 17:35 60 min Coastal
16:45 18:05 80 min Zanair
16:50 17:55 65 min Auric

Pemba to Zanzibar

Departure Arrival Duration Airline
10:15 10:45 30 min Auric
10:30 11:00 30 min Zanair
12:15 12:45 30 min Coastal
16:35 17:05 30 min Coastal
16:45 17:15 30 min Zanair
16:50 17:20 30 min Auric

Pemba to Arusha (via ZNZ)

Departure Arrival Duration Airline
10:30 12:50 140 min Zanair


The taxi transport from ChakeChake Airport to the resort is handled by a third party, and the quality of the cars are not of western standards, so be prepared for a bumpy ride. We will organize this service for you so that a taxi will be waiting for you upon arrival. Please note that this service will be added to your invoice at $45 per person, per trip.

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