The Department of Fisheries of Zanzibar has identified one new protected area for critical habitat known as the Pemba Channel Conservation Area (PECCA). Pemba is one of the Eco-regional Priority sites in the Eastern African Marine Eco region. The proposed PECCA will involve: establishment of a new Marine Protected Area in Pemba Island; identification of gaps and priorities for action as well as ways of working together with local communities; development of management plans for corals, mangroves and fisheries, including community management and restoration programs, enforcement, licensing and alternative fishing gears; development of strategies to conserve endangered species and identify nesting areas, nursery / breeding grounds and habitats of turtles and dolphins and work to achieve their conservation and promote sustainable tourism through the development of site specific eco-tourism programs and promote education and awareness on the part of tourism stakeholders.


  1. Establishment of a multi use marine conservation area at PECCA.
  2. Maintenance and / or improve ecosystems and resource yields within PECCA through proper management systems which include active local community participation.
  3. Full involvement of local community in the planning, implementation and monitoring of the natural resources of PECCA.
  1. For local communities to attain greater awareness of conservation and sustained resource use, through educational and public awareness programs.
  2. Biological and socio-economical research and monitoring providing the basis for rational management, development and exploitation of PECCA.

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