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What to pack


Getting packed and ready for an adventure taking you further away from civilisation than you have ever fund yourself before.

If you are on a direct flight from Europe to Tanzania no obligatory health inoculations are required. If you come from, or transit through, any other African country, a yellow fever vaccine card will be requested at border crossings. You will not be able to enter Tanzania without one. Pemba is a malaria zone, and it is recomended that you consult your doctor or a registered travel clinic before departure. It will usually end with a recommendation to take a malaria prophylaxis. Larium is commonly prescribed. Please note that we do not allow diving if you are on this drug. The best way to avoid malaria is not to get bitten – so remember to bring a good mosquito repellent. We, of course, will provide nets for your bed.

A valid passport with a Tanzanian visa will be required. Tanzanian visa’s can be bought on arrival in Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar Airports. Contact your nearest Travel Advisor or Tanzanian Embassy or High Commission. We recommend at least 10 days notice be given. For more information regarding VISA press HERE

Sun protection
Sunscreen for tropical sun is essential. Bear in mind that The Manta Resort is very close to the Equator. Other good protectors are good sunglasses, sun hats and natural fiber clothes.

Money & Insurance
The local currency, the Tanzanian Schilling, fluctuates daily against the US Dollar. It is not available in Europe, so bring a sensible mix of traveler’s cheques and cash. US Dollars are recommended for the best rates of exchange. We accept Visa and MasterCard at the resort, note that an extra charge will be applied for this service. Please check your travel insurance before leaving home
Mobile phones have changed everything, even in Pemba. Your mobile will work as long as it has a roaming facility and will work on the island in most parts, although there are areas that the signal will not reach. There is an “island speed” internet connection available in the main area of the resort.

The Manta Resort is connected to the Pemba electricity grid. The three pin UK style plugs are the norm.

Islam is the main religion in both Pemba and Zanzibar, historically being influenced by the Arabian states. One of the considerations, in practical terms, means ladies need to dress sensibly, covering your shoulders and knees, when not on the beach, in the sea or in the resort. A simple wrap around does the job. All islanders are friendly and welcoming.

The weather on Pemba Island is predominately determined by the monsoon winds. These blow from the north east from December to April, and from the south west from May to September. The beginning of each new season brings rains. The heavy rains arrive between late April to early June. The light rains are in November but usually are brief showers between large stretches of sunshine. The hottest season is January and February but there is usually a refreshing sea breeze. Daytime temperatures usually vary between 26 and 32 degrees centigrade.

General Info
• Official languages of Zanzibar are Swahili and English
• Zanzibar is CET + 1 hours in summer & 2 hrs in winter
• an airport departure tax of 5,000 TSh. is charged on departure for local internal flights. An aviation safety fee of 1,000 TSh is also charged.