Are your a freshly baked collage graduate and want to work in the tourism industry with sales and service while enriching your life and improving your work experience? We are now offering three 10-month contracts to three individuals as a sales and reservations person for The Manta Resort – one of the world’s most acclaimed experiences in the tourism sector, on a beautiful island beach in the Indian Ocean.
Your assignment is to sale accommodation and manage reservations, both via travel agents and direct sales online. The majority of sales are handled by e-mail. All communication is in English so you are assumed to be fluent in the English language. Other international languages like Italian, German and French are value adding. You will be stationed at The Manta Resort where you will have the chance to welcome your guests as they arrive and also interact with guests on a personal level. To fit the job you need to be genuinely interested in people from different countries and cultures. In addition to sales, you will also be responsible for updates to the resort’s social media channels. You will be reporting directly to the CEO.

We imagine you being 20-25 years old. You have either just finished your university studies or want to take a year off before your master in tourism, marketing or sales. To meet the requirements you are assumed to be thorough, open and transparent, timely and accurate in your tone and dialogue, both in writing and speaking. Although it might sound like a dream with the white beaches, blue waters and temperatures around 30 degrees, you need to be aware that you will be far, far away from civilization. You will probably never find yourself more disconnected, and this can be a challenge, so we imagine you being a mature person, fearless and enjoy a bit of adventure in your life.
The Manta Resort is a Swedish owned resort on the island of Pemba just north of Zanzibar (Unguja) off the coast of Tanzania. The hotel has 16 rooms and is aimed at couples looking for authentic travel experiences. The resort also facilitates The Underwater Room – a room 4 meters below the surface of the Indian Ocean. Potential guests looking for bars, nightlife, a wide range of restaurants and jet-skis on the beach will be disappointed. However, guest looking for close encounter with nature, disconnected from the stress of everyday life, unforgettable moments and a place as far away from home as possible but still feel at home, these guests love The Manta Resort. We work very close to nature and the local community and its people – the majority of our 65 employees come from the surrounding villages.

• 10 months contract + possible extension of 6 month
• 4 month work, 2 month off to travel, 4 months work = 10 months
• Pocket Money.
• Free accommodation and food.
• One international return flight to Pemba Island, from Sweden or to the value of 750 USD.
• Plus one international airplane ticket to anywhere in the world during your 2 months off to travel, to the value of 750 USD
• Free PADI scuba Open Water diving license, valued at 540 USD
• Free diving, on free time
• Free excursions around the island, on free time
• Snorkeling in one of the world’s best waters, on free time
• Opportunity to learn a new language – KiSwahili
• There will be three sales persons rotating in this position, therefor always two present and working at the resort.
• Interviews, initial training and introduction will be held in Västerås, or via Skype
• First contract will commence on the 15 June 2015

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