Kwanini is translated to “Why” in english. In asking why we are here on Pemba, we have come to believe in the future of the island and keeping it the real and genuine place it presently is.
Kwanini Conference
The Kwanini Conference is held annually at The Manta Resort. It aims to involve the local community, government and local business in an active dialogue with the aim of defining the future of tourism on Pemba. All stakeholders in the industry from hoteliers, to ministers of parliament, to the vegetable farmer and local fisherman are included.
Seaweed farming. Better solutions
Seaweed farming, in moderation is promoted as a means of income for the local women of Pemba island. Over farming can become harmful to the surrounding marine eco system and the coral white sands it is becoming famous for. We have embarked on two initiatives as a solution, namely the Manta Curio Shop and the Manta Organic Farm.
The Manta Curio Shop
A small curio shop in the lounge area of the resort, has hand made products, by the ladies of our local village, on display and for sale. From hand woven ‘makeke’ bags, to hand carved ‘Ungalawa’ dhows to decorative hanging ornaments for the garden, this is now their own business. The ladies would be very happy to meet you during your stay at Manta to share their new business ideas with you.
Shamba – The Manta Organic Farm
Instead of farming seaweed, these farmers have been given land to cultivate and harvest fresh fruits, herbs and vegetables for The Manta Resort and in time to be sold at the local market for additional income. The farm has enabled us to employ five local farmers. The farm is now two months old and has already yielded some cucumber and coriander. We have watermelon, sweet potato, tomatoes, peas, spinach, pumpkin, baby marrow, and a selection of herbs planted. While at Manta feel free to wonder through and perhaps even pick some veggies for our kitchen.
Primary School
Manta is not the only one so far north from the busy capital of Chake Chake. The village, just outside Manta’s gates is also very far from the town schools, and so many children simply do not attend. At this point we can introduce you to Sele. Sele is one of our service fundi’s, who started an english school room in the village. This has inspired both Manta, and Manta family guests to get involved in building a school in the village. Take a walk to meet the children and see the progress on the school during your visit.


By involving and sharing our knowledge and dreams, together we are building a fantastic future for Pemba.

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