Most people arrive at The Manta Resort full of anticipation. Few people leave without an indelible and elevated experience forever imprinted in their minds. Some even share their thoughts with us, and for that we are humbled and thankful.
“If you have the chance go, go, go!!”
“Here’s the proof that this place is special: off the top of my head, I can immediately remember Matthew, Carina, Stacey, Lauren, Hamisi (service fundi), Moussa, Rashid, David, Saidi, Wiburt, Hamisi (dive shop), Simba, Adi, and Adam. 14 People? That’s, like, the number of people you remember after a summer together at camp.” – Adam M | Full review
“In my eyes it’s so wonderful, it’s taken me over a week to find the words to talk about it!…discover a life you never knew you were missing. We did just that and changed the way we look at the world.” – Megan S | Full review
“What I admire mostly about the management of Manta is that they run Pemba with good conscience. Manta are also involved in conservation of marine life and have successfully stopped trawling in a conservation area around the resort that has now shown great growth of coral and marine-life. If you are looking for aquamarine seas and coral-white sand- this is the place for you!” – Paula W | Full review
“I’ve seen kindness I never knew existed This place offers you luxury of a different kind, call it ‘luxury of the soul’ if you will. …and The underwater room: More like the wonder-water room” – Emmadess | Full review
“All in all we were so pampered and Manta Resort is so far away from anything else- you really feel like you have your private paradise! If you have the chance go, go, go!!” – Karinkarinkarin | Full review
“The remote location separates this resort from the daily chaos of the typical tourist attractions.” – Whit1013 | Full review
“It was the clearest water I have ever been in. It was truly magical. Thank you to everyone at the hotel for looking after us and inviting us in!” – Glen Michael | Full review

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