Overlooking the beach with a lounging area and comfortable swinging chairs, this is a cool, peaceful place to enjoy reading perhaps – among shady trees and under thatch. The bar is attended from 11am till sundown, especially for you, to order food or drinks.

See the tide come and go while sipping away at a “Lemongrass Ginger Sling”, your feet buried in the warm sand, and a soft breeze cooling your skin. In our opinion, the sound of the breaking waves and a breathtaking sunset over the Pemba Channel makes this one of the most chilled places on the planet.

Our bartenders specialize in a variety of sundowners and cocktails and will spoil you with fruit drinks and cocktails from the freshest handpicked island mango, lime, lemon, pineapple, and coconuts blended with a touch of rum to create uniquely smooth and refreshing drinks.

The sound of a quiet turquoise sea lapping onto fine, silvery white soft coral sand
makes for perfect peace lying on a locally crafted chaise, under your makuti thatch umbrella.
Take a walk along the private beach – no pollution, no interruptions – just sand between
your toes and dodging the many little sand crabs that pop up! Snorkel in the shallow water
just off the beach – there are treasures to be found. This is unspoilt, remote paradise!