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Overlooking the ocean, this is where most meals are served. From breakfast to your liking - with pancakes, sunny side eggs, bacon, fresh fruit, Tanzanian coffee – to lunch and dinner. Most meals are served here but are sometimes moved to the pool deck and beach for a change of scenery when possible. Our team will treat you to a variety of fresh locally caught seafood as well as beef, chicken and vegetarian dishes, most of which have a distinct Pemba touch to them. Please don’t hesitate to inform us of any special preferences or dietary requirements you may have so that we can accommodate you!
The lounge provides comfortable seating where you can socialise and use our wifi. We periodically have communal dining when you may get to know your fellow guests. The attentive staff will provide you with drinks and snacks of choice before you even know that you wanted it. Socialize, relax with that book you saved or lose track of time in a discussion as the sun sets on the western horizon.


See the ebb and flow come and go (it rhymes!) while sipping away at a “Lemongrass Ginger Sling”, your feet buried in the cool sand, and a soft breeze cooling your skin. In our opinion, the sound of the breaking waves and a breathtaking sunset over the Pemba Channel makes this one of the most chilled places on the planet. Our bartenders specialize in a variety of sundowners and cocktails and will spoil you with fruit drinks and cocktails from the freshest handpicked island mango, lime, lemon, pineapple, and coconuts blended with a touch of rum to create uniquely smooth and refreshing drinks.

“The Beach Lounge – one of the most chilled places to enjoy a cold beer on the planet!”
…for the fishermen in the morning to see what’s for lunch!
Learn Diving at the Manta Resort


Our sparkling pool surrounded by loungers in the open or under cover, is there for your sunbathing enjoyment with bar service all day long. Also used for our expert dive instruction for beginners.


The pool is a two tiered pool, with a depth of three meters at the deep end. This is the ideal place to start off your diving career and learn the basics. More about diving.


Some beaches are near mystical in their powers to slow time, erase reality, and hook you into a force greater than yourself. Our soft, smooth, wide nothingness snow white sand will calm your soul. We serve most meals on the main verandah overlooking the ocean but move to the pool deck and beach for a change of scenery when possible.

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